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Ku ilhamkan ruang ini kerana...
andai suatu hari nanti...
yang mampu kau baca hanyalah tulisan-tulisan kaku dan hanyalah potret-potret bisu dariku yang kau dapat renung...



today is sunday 27 march 2011..
today i'm not fine very well..
now..i was alone...
but i still have my family and frend to make me happy without him..
i know he very happy now..
now i can accept this for continue my life after..
now..i want to consentrate to my study..
i try to happy and forget him..
i also have ALLAH..
so,i must to be strong...i know i can life without him...
i hope..i'm find my future..
to be a worker or student again..
i hope very much..
to all my frend...please pray for me..
make me strong very much to continue my life..
only ALLAH can help me..!!
oh my god..i'm very sad..
please give me peaceful...
~the end~

suke tak??like ye??

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