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Ku ilhamkan ruang ini kerana...
andai suatu hari nanti...
yang mampu kau baca hanyalah tulisan-tulisan kaku dan hanyalah potret-potret bisu dariku yang kau dapat renung...

Selamat Hari Emak!!


Asalamualaikum hi , hi ! Its 12.20 pm ! Ok , I'm fine and set up my eyes in front of the computer....huhu
Ok , as all of us know that 8 may every year we'll celebrating Happy Mother's Day Celebration .
This date specifically to remember n appreciate our Mum's sacrifice
9 months before we were born , she brought us in her tum
my going here n there..
When we were growning up , she took care of us..
No doubt ! She gave all of her loves to us..
So , why don't we wish something 
to appreciate our Mother...
They never ask for more..Just you success ,
Believe , One day , we'll know what's the meaning of MOTHER'S SACRIFICE..

Mum , I would like to wish you huge MOTHER'S DAY wishes..
You had grown me up 
for 22 years ,
You be with me whenever I need you ,
Keep on giving me support without caring hot and cold ,
You're able to stand with my jerk behaviour ,
And maybe sometimes , Mum...
I had broken-up your heart..
By my words ,
By my actions
You never makes me hurt even I had make it to you so many times..
And all of that makes me symbolised you as a
Mum , Happy Mother's Day ,
Thanks for the 22 years ,
Thanks for everything ,
Forgive me al
ong my life ,
Pray for my success ,


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